Come and SERVE with us!

We are all equipped with talents and skills that we can use to build the church, serve our community, and the world. God made you with a purpose, and serving is a great way to discover it.

Volunteer today and you'll find the joy of serving the body of Christ. God has equipped you to serve Him and we want to help you discover where your passion and gifting meet. Use this page to check out the various ministry teams and we'll look forward to connecting with you as we serve together.

What do you think of when you think of serving?  Is it going door to door and offering your services?  Is it bombarding your neighbors like the Sanders in the video you just saw?  Is it going on a mission trip with your youth group or church?  Or, is it something more than this?

  1. A servant of Christ shouldn’t expect anything in return for his/her services. Mark 10:35-40 (NIV)
  2. A servant of Christ should expect to drink the same cup, and be baptized with the same baptism, as Jesus Mark 10:38-40 (NIV)
  3. A servant of Christ is only great when they serve. Mark 10:42-45 (NIV)

Intentionality is key!  What are our motives for serving God and others? If one serves with the attitude of winning favor with God, there is a problem, yet again, with motive.  Service should be rendered as a direct result of a changed heart and mind whose focus is on the sheer act of doing good rather than moving up the ladder of “greatness.” 

So, how are you serving, or are you serving at all?  A true disciple of Christ has made a commitment to serve – it’s a way of life for them.  They don’t expect anything in return for their services, they do expect to encounter what Jesus did in his ministry experiences, and they understand that the greatest people in the Kingdom of God are those who serve.

Pastor Brandon Lenhart - "Jesus Defines Servanthood" 

Fuel Up

We have tons of fun in store for your little ones. From the time they turn 2 1/2 through their Kindergarten year, they will be with us in Fuel Up.Children ages 2 1/2 through 3 years old will be in Room #1 & those who are 4 years old through Kindergarten will be in Room #2. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate & designed to give children a first impression of their loving heavenly Father. It is simple and fun repeating one basic truth all month.


We have crazy fun activities, games, crafts, Bible story time, worship time, & small group time. This is all part of the plan to help a child believe three key things by the time he or she is 5 years old:




We also equip parents with resources for the home. We call them Parent CUES because they’re designed to “cue” parents to leverage everyday moments with their child to Connect to God’s story, to Uncover something about life, and to Experience something together.

Parent Time:

Rich in vision, monthly “Parent Time” helps parents of babies and toddler imagine the end. Each month parents are reminded that a child is never to young to hear God loves him.

Small Talk:

Designed for older preschoolers, weekly “Small Talk” helps parents create a rhythm at home with ideas for incorporating faith learning into Play Time, Drive Time, Bath Time and Cuddle Time.

Your child's safety is extremely important to us. All of our leaders & volunteers are trained & have undergone background & clearance checks.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Melissa Hickman, Family Life Pastor

Not Sure Where to Serve?

If you have a skill set you'd love to share and don't think it fits in one of these options, please feel free to contact us!

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