4-6th Grade League
Registration Closed

February - April

For parents, we have a document with important information that you can access by clicking HERE.


  • The registration link is: https://registration.upward.org/UPW81568 
  • Games in this league will be played full court with the presence of a PIAA referee (or two volunteer referees). Tournament games will have two referees per game. 
  • The cost will be $85 (the extra $10 is for referees) plus an optional $14 for shorts and/or socks.  There is also a sibling discount of $15 per child if the sibling participated in the k-3rd grade basketball and cheerleading league.  When you register, please enter the sibling discount code SIBLING. 

Mandatory Evaluations

Instead of an evaluation day like we’ve done in our K-3rd grade league, we will be having MANDATORY evaluation nights which will be an open gym/scrimmaging concept on the following nights:

  • 6th Grade- Monday, January 24th and 31st (6-7:30)
  • 5th Grade – Tuesday, January 25th and February 1st (6-7:30)
  • 4th Grade – Wednesday, January 26th and February 2nd (6-7:30)

You must make one but preferably both of the evaluation nights in order to play.

After the second evaluation for each group, the coaches will be drafting teams. This is a concept that has proved successful in other Upward leagues to try to make the teams more competitive and balanced for older age groups. To accomplish this, we will not be allowing carpool links (except for siblings) or practice night exclusions. (If your child has a crazy schedule, please sign up to be a coach so you can pick your practice day and time). There will also be an initial coach’s meeting Sunday, January 23rd from 6-7:30 PM (coaches only).

Basketball Sizing Chart

With all the uncertainties in the world right now, one thing is certain … God's love and His eternal glory. I pray that we will have a successful Upward season. It is important to let these little athletes grow in their skills as well as their faith; however, we need to do so in a healthy and safe environment. This will take a lot of effort, flexibility, and grace from us all. If we can keep our focus on God and His children, we will have an amazing season!  - Justin Miller

Upward ministry leaders

Justin Miller

Melissa Hickman