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WE NEED COACHES!! Please let me know asap if you are willing to coach or be an assistant coach.

We also know many of you have someone at your church (or maybe yourself!) who would be great at giving halftime devotions. Please feel free to pass along their name and contact information.  


With all the uncertainties in the world right now, one thing is certain … God's love and His eternal glory. I pray that we will have a successful Upward season. It is important to let these little athletes grow in their skills as well as their faith; however, we need to do so in a healthy and safe environment. This will take a lot of effort, flexibility, and grace from us all. If we can keep our focus on God and His children, we will have an amazing season!   

For more information please contact:

Upward League Commissioner
Justin Miller 


North Main Pastor & Upward Coordinator
Melissa Hickman at   or (office) 724-332-7813.