Upward Youth Sports

2020 -2021

We are pleased to announce that we will be having an Upward season!!  However, our league is going to look a little different this year as we cope with the challenges of the current pandemic as well as the amazing growth our league has seen over the past few years.  While it is going to take patience, understanding, flexibility and a lot of your help and prayers, I feel we will have our best season yet.

Registration for
Separate Leagues

Registration links will go live
Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Due to continued growth and the need to limit the number of people in our gym, we decided to have two separate leagues this year. Please register for the correct grade level. 

4th - 6th grade league

December and January

Click here for 4th - 6th Grade Registration

Kindergarten - 3rd grade
and cheerleading league

February and March.  

Click here for K - 3rd Grade and Cheer Registration

Basketball Sizing chart

Cheer sizing chart


4th - 6th Grade: 

The cost will be $80 (the extra $10 is for referees) plus an optional $14 for shorts.  There is also a sibling discount of $15 per child. If the sibling is a cheerleader or k-3rd grade basketball player, when you register them for that league please put in the discount code of SIBLING.

Kindergarten - 3rd & Cheer: 

The cost will be $70 plus an optional $14 for basketball shorts or cheerleading mock turtleneck.  There is a sibling discount of $15.  If you have a sibling who played in the 4-6th grade league then while registering use the SIBLING discount code. 

Covid Policy

In order to have a successful and healthy season, we are going to limit the amount of people in the gym.  We are going to require all spectators and coaches to wear a mask at all times unless they have a medical reason.  For practices, we are going to ask the parents to drop off their kids or wait in their cars.  With limited practice time slots, this will allow more teams to practice at once.  For game days, we will be staggering the game times in order for the gym to fully clear before the next groups will enter.  We will be allowing two spectators per player or cheerleader.  We will also be cleaning the balls, equipment and gym as well as encouraging good hygiene such as washing hands and use of the hand sanitizer stations.  Even with our best safeguards, there is still a risk of covid entering our facility.  We will be requiring all of our families to sign a waiver for covid and for live streaming (if this becomes a possibility).

Refund policy

If Butler Area School District cancels their indoor sports, we will have to cancel our season.  However, Upward has extended a generous offer that we will extend to you.  If the season gets cancelled before we hand out uniforms then you will receive a 100% refund.  If the season gets cancelled before we play half of our games (before January 2nd for 4-6th grade and before February 27th for cheerleading and K-3rd), you will receive a 50%.  If the season gets cancelled after we play half of our games then there will be no refund.  I strongly encourage everyone to register and pay online through Upward this year versus the pay in-person option.  If the season gets cancelled, they will handle the refunds limiting the administrative burden on our end. 

Evaluation Days

4th - 6th grade

Games in this league will be played full court with a PIAA referee. 

Instead of an evaluation day, we will be having open gyms/scrimmaging on the following nights:

  • 6th Grade- Monday November 16th (6-7:30) and Thursday November 19th (6-7:30) 
  • 5th Grade – Tuesday November 17th (6-7:30) and Monday November 23rd (6-7:30) 
  • 4th Grade – Wednesday November 18th (6-7:30) and Tuesday November 24th (6-7:30) 

kindergarten - 3rd grade

Instead of an evaluation day, we are asking parents to put their kids through the same drills we used in the past (which we will email when we get closer to the season). If you do not have a basketball hoop to use, we will have an open gym time where you are able to use our gym to perform the evaluation.  We will also provide volunteers to put your child through the drills if you are unable.  The open gym time will be: Sunday, January 17th between 2-6 pm. 

Upward ministry leaders

Justin Miller
Melissa Hickman