Parenting Seminar

What is the Heart and Soul Parenting Seminar?

It's easy for parents to get bogged down with financial stress, busy schedules, and the everyday grind of keeping their family on schedule. While running them to school, sports, and activities, we can lose sight of what matters most. This seminar is a journey into our God-given opportunity as parents to connect with our kid's hearts through relationships and guide their souls through spiritual influence. No guilt trips! Just straight encouragement, practical ideas, and truth from God's Word.

In this seminar, we will:

• Create new patterns in your family where you yell less and communicate more.

• Learn how to have real conversations with your kids that build connections around what they're thinking and feeling.

• Make room in your relationship for your kid to get to know you and your heart.

• Think through ways to offer them the discipline they need without destroying your relationship with them.

• Find practical ways to develop your kids' trust so they will open up to you about their fears and struggles.

• Identify the blindspots where you might be hurting the relationship with your kids without realizing it.

• Discover the spiritual superpower God has given to you as a parent that you can unleash in your family.

At the end of our parenting journey, what most of us want is to say that we have a loving relationship with our kids and that we introduced them to the real purpose of life found in our faith. Let's invest some time together, making sure we have a plan in place to make that happen!

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