Our Staff

Christy Pittman

Associate Pastor

Christy coordinates our Growth Groups, Discovery Classes, and Community Partnerships. She also volunteers with the Hospitality and Visitation teams.


Christy Pittman has been married to Dave since 1999, and they have 2 children at home, Rachel, and Grant plus daughter Danetta and son-in-love Christopher.  She has been a Christ-follower since 1997 and uses her passion for Jesus to lead from His example.  Christy is passionate about helping others facilitate strong foundational relationships with Christ and others. She believes that relationships change lives, and community is the most effective way to share the love of Christ. Christy has a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries from Mid-America University and is an ordained pastor with the Church of God. She has been on staff at North Main Street Church of God since 2015 as an associate pastor and currently coordinates Group Life and Community Partnerships. Additionally, Christy studied at the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture Vita Institute class of 2017. Christy recently stepped down from 9 years of service with Life Choices, an ecumenical pro-life ministry that operates in 4 counties in Western PA. Christy firmly believes that having more books than she can read is a good thing… it always leaves an adventure within reach. 


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