Draw the Circle

40 day prayer challenge

Prayer: A New Language and A Way of Life SERIES Prayer: A New Language and A Way of Life

October 14, 2018
Brandon Lenhart
Luke 11:1-4

If we change the way we pray,…

The Ripple Effect SERIES The Ripple Effect

October 7, 2018
Brandon Lenhart
Joshua 4:1-7

Every prayer we pray has…

Think Long SERIES Think Long

September 30, 2018
Matt Reitz
Joshua 14:6-12

Prayer is like a seed planted…

Pray Hard, Work Hard SERIES Pray Hard, Work Hard

September 24, 2018
BJ Hyatt
Joshua 3:1-8

Pray as if it depends on God,…

Dream Big SERIES Dream Big

September 16, 2018
Brandon Lenhart
Joshua 6:1-5

If you're praying for…

Drawing a Circle SERIES Drawing a Circle

September 9, 2018
Brandon Lenhart
Joshua 1:1-11

Before You Pray SERIES Before You Pray

September 2, 2018
Brandon Lenhart
2 Chronicles 7:11-22

Humility is the…