Joshua: Strong and Courageous

Potential: Holy Ground

November 8, 2015
Pastor Matt Reitz
Theme: We all have a God given potential! Unfortunately we are sometimes blind to the divine opportunities all around us in which we could use our potential to glorify God as we serve others. God is everywhere with us. We need to remember that He is ultimately in control and we are not in charge.

In this week’s message, we are taking a look again at the Old Testament character: Joshua. Joshua who became Moses’ successor chose to embrace his potential, realize he stood on holy ground, and humbly bowed to the authority of God who he recognized as the One ultimately in control.
This week, we are asking 4 important questions:
1) Do we realize that everywhere we are - we are standing on holy ground?
2) Do we recognize the divine opportunities surrounding us every day?
3) Are we willing to humbly submit to God and give Him complete control?
4) Are we willing to invest the time and effort necessary to achieve our God given potential?

In answering these questions consider the words of Paul about Christ when he said “Everything was created through Him and for Him.” Colossians 1:16b (NLT)

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