For the Joy

Misguided Joy

April 26th, 2020
Title: “Misguided Joy”
Yearly Theme: “Joy is…”
Message 4 in the Series: “For the Joy…”
Pastor Matt McCarrier

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Something to think about:

What do you put your faith in? What brings you joy? Did you know that sometimes we can find “Joy” in something that isn’t God? Sometimes that something could even be religious. Ministries, mission trips and even worship services can be turned into idols if we don’t keep our relationship with Christ in focus.

It’s easy for us to elevate man-made things in our lives, because those are the things that we understand. In the passage of scripture we are about to read the Israelites had begun to treat the ark of the covenant like a lucky rabbit’s foot. They began to worship and find joy in the man-made box used to house the almighty God, rather than the almighty God himself. It’s often easy for us to point the finger at the nation of Israel and think “how could they be so blind” and yet we do the exact same thing so very often. Let’s take a look at what happens when we start to put our identity in things that are man-made.

Turn in your Bibles to: 1 Samuel 4:1-11

The key point this morning is this…

Key Point: “When the focus of our joy is on something or someone other than God, joy is just a mirage disguised as hope.”

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