Joy in the Wilderness

Joy in Second Chances

February 9th, 2020
Title: “Joy in Second Chances”
Message 2 in the Series: “Joy in the Wilderness”
Pastor Brandon Lenhart

Key Point: “The amazing grace of God is revealed all throughout the Bible, and this is truly something about which to rejoice.”
God is a God of second chances. He doesn’t desire our suffering or pain; rather God desires our love and obedience to Him and His purposes as a way to provide and protect us. Sadly, however, many people don’t understand this aspect of the nature of God, and continue to gamble with their life, pushing the envelope and desiring only to do what they think will benefit them. This self-focused, self-centered way of living eventually leaves a person wandering in the wilderness of self-doubt and self-loathing after a while, and their insecurities usually get the best of them as they play the comparison game with those they perceive as “better-off” than them. All the while, God continues to call us to the Promised Land; He continues to show us the way, pulling out all the stops, and showing us His patience and love.

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