Joy Before the Fall

Man's Joy Over God's Creation

January 26th, 2020
Title: “Man’s Joy Over God’s Creation”
Message 4 in the Series: “Joy Before the Fall”
Pastor Brandon Lenhart
(Genesis 2:18‐25)

Key Point: “We should rejoice in God’s creation, for what He created is good.”
It’s only when this One Holy relationship (between us and God) is alive and well, that all other
relationships find joy and fulfillment. And truly, God desires us to enjoy who and what He
created. We come to the final message in our January series on “Joy Before the Fall,” in Genesis chapter
two. After five days of creation, we come to the sixth day when God created the animals and the
first man (Adam). However, something is different about this day; it’s the first time we see God
declaring something “not good,” and this not good statement is tied to loneliness and a lack of joy
and fulfillment.

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