Never Give Up

In the Presence of the King - Part 1

May 12th, 2019
Title: “In the Presence of the King – Part 1”
Message 2 in the series: Never Give Up
Esther 5:1-14
Brandon Lenhart

Key Point: “Love never gives up even when its resolve is tested.”

Our commitment to follow through with our convictions to do the right thing even when it means that we may be risking everything is something that Esther experienced even as the queen of the Persian Empire. And what was Esther risking? She was risking her own life to go before her husband (the King of Persia) unannounced. Her reason for going: To plead with the king on behalf of all the Jewish people in the empire to save their lives from a decree that he had just made to exterminate them. After fasting for three days, she resolved to make her request known. Let’s take a look…

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