Truth and Justice

The Great Day

April 28, 2019
Title: “The Great Day”
Message 4 in the Series: Truth and Justice
John 20:11-29
Brandon Lenhart

Key Point: “Our eyes ultimately open to the truth when it calls us by name.”

Today’s message is entitled “The Great Day,” because it is the great day of recognition. It’s the great day of revealing. It’s the great day of truth winning out over evil. It’s the answer to Pilates question, “What is truth?”

When Mary heard her name from the lips of Jesus, the scales fell from her eyes and she was able to see what she couldn’t before. Streams of light broke through her tear-filled eyes, and the cloud of confusion lifted. When Thomas saw with his own eyes the nail prints in Jesus’ hands and the scar in Jesus’ side, he was able to finally proclaim, “My Lord and my God!”

Do you struggle believing today? Do you struggle to hear Jesus calling out your name? Do you need to see the scars in the hands and side of Jesus in order to believe?

As we close out this series this morning we come to a story of mistaken identity; a story about blindness, so-to-speak. As we celebrated last week, Jesus has risen from the grave! Now, standing in front of the empty tomb, Mary Magdalene is broken. Later that very day, the disciples are gathered together in a locked room in Jerusalem, and Thomas (one of the 12) is also completely broken in disbelief and sorrow.

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