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The Mission SERIES The Mission

September 13th, 2020
Title: “The Mission”
Yearly Theme: “Joy…

The Birth SERIES The Birth

September 9th, 2020
Title: “The Birth”
Yearly Theme: “Joy is…”

The Law SERIES The Law

August 30th, 2020
Title: “The Law”
Yearly Theme: “Joy is…”

Always Enough SERIES Always Enough

August 23th, 2020
Title: “Always Enough”
Yearly Theme: “Joy…


Joy's Good News

September 2020

Joy in Returning Home

August 2020

Joy Through Loss

July 2020

Joy in Wisdom

June 2020

Joy in Correction

May 2020

For the Joy

April 2020

Joy in the Promise

March 2020

Joy in the Wilderness

February 2020

Joy Before the Fall

January 2020

Substance of Faith

December 2019

Hopeful in the Meantime

November 2019

Love Does

October 2019 Join us as we go through Bob Goff's book LOVE DOES.

Hard Knock Life

September 2019

Don't Push My Buttons

August 2019 Love is not Irritable

Kind of A "Big" Deal

July 2019 Love is not Boastful or Proud

Don't Be Jealous

June 2019 Don't Be Jealous

Never Give Up

May 2019 Love Never Gives Up

Don't Go Your Own Way

April 2019 Demanding our own way...

Truth and Justice

March 2019 The Truth wins out

Random Acts of Kindness

February 2019 Love is Kind

Love Goes the Distance

January 2019 Join us as we focus on how love is patient.

Preparing for Love's Arrival

December 2018 Advent series of messages

David: Perspective

Fall 2018

Draw the Circle


Daniel: The Babylon Chronicles

Summer 2018

Jesus Uncensored: The Sermon on the Mount

Join us as we examine Jesus' very own words as He meant for us to hear them.

Dream Sequence

December 2017

James: Faith in Action

Fall 2017

Summer of Simplicity - "Simplify Your Stuff"

Simplify your Stuff

Summer of Simplicity - "SOS" - Simplify Your Stimuli

Matthew 11:28-30

Summer of Simplicity - "SOS" - Simplify Your Schedule

Matthew 11:28-30

The History of the World

Genesis 1

Jonah: In Over My Head

In Over My Head

The Original Fight Club

June - July 2016

One Nation Under...

In this series we will be looking at what the Bible has to say about what makes a nation great and what makes a nation crumble, and what it

The Lord is My Shepherd

Psalm 23

American Idols: The 'gods' We Worship

Exodus 20:4-6

Counter Cultural

Matthew 2:18-25

Joshua: Strong and Courageous

Joshua: Strong and Courageous

To Be and To Make

Why does North Main exist?

Clear the Stage

Sermon Series Scripture: Revelation 2 and 3
July 26th – September 13th, 2015

Special Messages

A collection of messages that are either from special services or messages that are not a part of a message series.

Signs of Life

April - July 2015
Galatians 5:19-26

The Journey Home

A journey through the lives of two sons and their desire to find grace from the Father.

Road Map: Navigating Life

Learning to grow in our faith through the disciplines of Bible study and prayer.